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Disability is not a barrier anymore

In today's workforce, the issue of accessibility remains a significant barrier for employees with blindness. A workplace lacking in accessibility not only hampers their ability to fully participate but also serves as the primary obstacle to their inclusion.

The number of lawsuits related to accessibility deficiencies has doubled since 2018. This trend underscores the urgency for businesses to prioritize accessibility initiatives.

Biped offers a comprehensive solution: NOA Pro.

NOA Pro x Acciona

Acciona 🇪🇸 partnered with biped to offer blind employees, and visitors an accessible experience on their campus. With biped, vistors and employees get a full mobility experience: indoor turn-by-turn, custom GPS navigation outdoor, obstacle avoidance and custom scene description for the campus. The device can be stored at the front desk of a building, or directly owned by a employee. NOA can even be used to get to work in the morning!

Jesus works at the Diversity and Inclusion department of Acciona. He uses NOA daily on the company's campus in Madrid, to avoid obstacles, follow custome GPS routes, find the entrance of a building or navigate indoors, turn-by-turn.

Outdoors: We create custom GPS routes outdoors to help target users follow precise navigation instructions, turn-by-turn, on the most accessible path of a campus. Even if it's not mapped by Google Maps!

Indoors: We create a 3D numerical twin of the building using the NOA device and offer turn-by-turn navigation. We register points of interest such as coffee machines, offices or meeting rooms.

NOA Travel

Going from A to B using public transports is challenging. biped partnered with "tl", the Lausanne public transports organization in Switzerland to offer blind and visually impaired travelers a full integration of public transports in the device.

Where is the next metro, when is it coming, where is the door, when do I get out... The features developed aim will be available for all end-users at the end of the project. Contact us for new projects.

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