AI Technology

NOA stands for Navigation, Obstacles and AI. It’s the first product of biped. NOA works like a small self-driving car on your shoulders. It uses advanced AI to identify potential obstacles, give GPS instructions and describe your surroundings.

Obstacle avoidance technologies typically generate overwhelming feedback for end-users, even in simple scenarios. Here is how NOA is changing that.

World-class partnership x Honda Research Institute

biped's team partnered with world-class self-driving experts from Honda Research Institute (HRI) to build NOA.
Just like self-driving cars, NOA can identify obstacles, track them and predict if there will be a risk of collision, a couple of seconds ahead.
This limits drastically the amount of feedback generated by NOA, compared with other solutions on the market.

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High precision engineering Swiss Made

biped is an EPFL startup, one of Switzerland’s leading engineering institutes. Our devices are assembled and tested by hand, at the heart of Europe.

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Intuitive audio feedback

NOA's feedback is science-backed. We worked with leading scientists in low vision and neuroscientists, to define the optimal feedback through bone-conduction headphones. Obstacle sounds are based on 3D beeps, and reacts in less than 100ms. Obstacle elevation is reflected with the pitch of the sound. NOA becomes your companion, as if someone was by your side, helping you move freely. NOA will not create a feeling of dependency, but instead focuses on improving your mobility skills even when you don't use it.

Made for a daily use

NOA’s battery has a magnetic connector (similar to MagSafe) and can run for up to 3 hours of continuous use. Usually more than enough for a full-day of use. Oh, and we deliver 2 batteries that can easily be swapped and recharged.

NOA is delivered with a custom-made high quality transport bag. Slide in your device, your headphones, and your 2 batteries. Wear it as a backpack, or inside of a bag, as you prefer.

Our team

We’re a small but extremely efficient team of robotics engineers, full stack engineers and AI experts based in Switzerland. Our startup, biped robotics, was created early 2021. At the time, Mael, CEO, met a white cane user doing a FaceTime to a friend. His friend was telling him when to turn left or right, where obstacles were, and how to find the door to the building: navigation, obstacle avoidance and image description. Just like NOA! Our team has worked since the start with leading institutions such as the ophthalmic hospital in Lausanne.